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Solving BLF issues in Kazoo with RAM

We needed a ramdisk, but we needed the data preserved between reboots or during an unexpected shutdown like power loss. The solution, was to run a service that backs up the RAMDISK every {x} minutes and also backs up the RAMDISK on shutdown. During startup, the backup is restored to the RAMDISK.

All In One Server Setup

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Kazoo Community Training E01 – All In One Server Install. Video available on YouTube, I run through a base install for a Kazoo All-In-One server.

KCT-02: Kazoo Zone Architecture

As in my previous post, Kazoo brings a lot of existing projects together. Session Border Controller (SBC) 2600hz Kazoo utilizes Kamailio as its session border controller. Public devices and carriers hit the SBC first. The SIP SDP is then processed by Kamailios rules and if not blocked, is told where… Read More »KCT-02: Kazoo Zone Architecture

KCT-01: Why Kazoo and it’s Components

If you’re thinking about using Kazoo to build your telecommunications infrastructure, I will be writing several guides based on my experience with the Open Source solution. Running your own VoIP infrastructure requires knowledge of the SIP protocol, databases, networking and network communication, security, telecommunications law and more.